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Dodgeball Rules

KC Blueballs Dodgeball adheres to the following rules (THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS)

Dodgeball will be 8v8. At least 2 players on each side must be female. If you do not have 2 females you may play without the, but you can not fill this position with a male player(meaning if you have no females you would play with 6 players). You may register up to 12 players to  have subs.

For a game to start each team must consist of at least 6 players and no more than 8. If you have less than 6 available players it is a forfeit win for the other team. 

Each team will start with 3 dodgeballs.

You must remain inside the playing area unless you are retrieving a ball. We will have a league manager there to help spot balls

If you are struck by a ball that does not first - hit the ground, hit the ceiling, hit a wall - then you are out. This remains true if it strikes another player and then you(a double out) or if you try to catch it and fail.

Headshots - headshots are allowed but discouraged.  A headshot that is ruled to be malicious in nature will lead to the thrower being called out. If this is a repeated issue (malicious headshots) you may be asked to leave the gym. 

If you are a thrower and your ball is thrown and caught you are out. You move to the end of the line. 

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